Andy Sutton & Graham Mehl – The ‘My Two Cents’ Team

Andy Sutton finished his MBA in 2002 and has been a successful private investor since 1994. He graduated with Honors in Economics and is a Graduate Member of Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society in Economics. He is one of the few independent analysts to forecast the current debt-driven monetary and financial environment as well as the engineered end of the credit bubble in 2007. His work focuses on the average individual, seeking to present complex material in an easily understood format. His research and publications span the financial markets, industry analysis, the economy, macro and microeconomic concepts, geopolitics, and statistical analysis. Andy ran a successful investment advisory firm until 2014. Like many others, he realized that the markets are a casino and the best way to win is not to play.

His ground-breaking work in 2013 laid bare the bail-in resolution mechanism as experienced in Cyprus and its consequences for business and individuals around the globe. To read the series, click below:

Cyprus, FDIC, Bail-In Series of Editorials

This work paved the road for many analysts to dig further into the superstructure of the bail-in and cover many angles. He and Graham Mehl also provided analysis on the conflict in Syria, which started in late summer 2013. Andy’s piece on the Syrian Issue may be downloaded below:

The Middle Easy Conundrum – Why We Fight

He is the co-author of the periodic economic commentary ‘My Two Cents’ and appears on various media outlets with a regular slot on Joe Cristiano’s ‘Liberty Talk Radio’.

Andy has a variety of corporate experiences in the Pharmaceutical, Information Service and Healthcare industries and currently works as a Training Director and NREMT for a small EMS Organization in Western, Pennsylvania.

Graham Mehl is a pseudonym. He currently works for a hedge fund and is responsible for economic forecasting and modeling. His current work has pinpointed at least half a dozen fracture points in the global economy, three of which have yet to receive mention – even in the alternative media. He has a graduate degree with honors from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania among his educational achievements. Prior to his current position, he served as an economic research associate for a G7 central bank.