Andy’s Notes: On a more personal note, 2017 has been a year of great reflection for both Graham and myself. Neither of us are particularly sure it is worth it to continue posting articles as the readership has consistently dropped. This in spite of the fact that the people who DO read ‘My Two Cents’ claim the articles are relevant and implore us to continue.

We may continue. We may not. On a more personal note, I have been devoting more time to music to calm the storms in my mind. I had played drums for many years, but recently have taken up guitar playing again and have given myself over to it. To getting better. I love playing 80’s hair band rock – despite the fact that I have no hair. It’s something of an irony.

Graham is a computer junkie as a habit and I envision his European temporary dwelling stacked with pizza boxes and Mountain Dew bottles. If one can get such things where he lives.

I guess we could call this a sabbatical. There is actually too much going for any one person or even a team to keep track of, The headlines are good for less than a half a day anymore, while the entire time we are hurtling towards our inevitable date with our self-created destiny.

If things explode (either figuratively or literally), the sabbatical will end immediately. Otherwise we’re going to enjoy our personal pursuits for now. We’ll make periodic entries here. I would encourage everyone to bookmark the blog as so many of the sites which had previously been friendly towards us have refused to post articles. I have a pretty good idea as to why, but there is no point mentioning it.

We will talk soon.